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Your Very Cheap All Inclusive Izmir holidays will take you to what was once known in ancient times as the city of Smyrna. However, you will be surprised to discover during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Izmir holidays that the antiquity of the city has ceased to be and has been transformed into a modern commercial centre. Despite the changes, Izmir’s 18th century market, olds mosques and the traditional roofs with red tiles have remained to give the town that old flavour.

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While ancient sights provide an ancient ambience to the Konak Square, you will realize during your Holidays to Izmir that the traditional Turkey is easily overpowered by the Mediterranean Europe atmosphere. You only need to visit Konak Square during your Holidays to Izmir to observe the flow of people along Ataturk Caddesi. Spending time at the Square will serve many purposes since it is also home to the Konak Mosque, the Izmir City Hall which is equally impressive and the Central Bus Station.

You will realize during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Izmir holidays that the beautiful marble Clock Tower right in the middle of Konak easily catches the attention of visitors. The 82-foot tall Tower was built in 1901 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid II’s ascension to the Ottoman throne. You will find the Tower and its vicinity a scenic spot where you can have your photos taken during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Izmir holidays especially with the four fountains as a background.

Photographs will make your Holidays to Izmir memorable and what better spot to take photos of than the ornate Ottoman Konak Mosque which dates back to 1755. While the Konas Mosque is not as grand as the Istanbul Mosque, it is however a popular destination for visitors on their Holidays to Izmir. And when everything is said and done, there is always Konak Pier where you can go shopping and take that much-needed break.

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