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Your Very Cheap All Inclusive Fethiye holidays will surely be memorable what with all the ancient relics you will be able to explore at the site of the Telmessos ancient city where glorious ruins abound. Seeing the Hellenistic Theatre up close and personal during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Fethiye holidays would be the height of any holiday.

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With all the many attractions you will find during your Holidays to Fethiye, it is almost impossible to categorize the destination. But one thing for sure, those who have been on Holidays to Fethiye will agree that if there is one colour that will characterize Fethiye then it would be turquoise not only for the most preferred Turkish tile colour but primarily for the most beautiful shades of blue and green combined that glisten in its waters.

Tales of the city of the oracles will be narrated to you during your Holidays to Fethiye and this will only stir your longing to get to know the ancient city. If there is one thing that would give you a glimpse of how the people of Fethiye lived their lives centuries ago then it would be the Tomb of King Amyntas. You will be amazed during your Holidays to Fethiye upon seeing the Ionic-styled tomb with two columns in front, one of which has the inscription “Son of Hermapias Amyntas”.

You will find many ancient tombs during your Holidays to Fethiye; you will be surprised to see that these tombs have been carved into the rocks making them permanent part of these natural wonders. Make sure you don’t miss the Lycian tomb during your Holidays to Fethiye if you want to see the reliefs of warriors that cover the tomb.

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