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If you are looking for an ideal base where you can stay and have a restful stay during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Dalyan holidays but still get easy access to the scenic destinations of Fethiye and Marmaris then this is the perfect getaway for you. You will realize during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Dalyan holidays that your destination has become popular for taking a stand for the environment.

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You would have heard or read even before your Holidays to Dalyan that the Iztuzu beach in Dalyan would have been the site of a luxury hotel sometime in 1986 if not for the roar created by conservationists led by David Bellamy. After all, your Holidays to Dalyan destination is a known breeding ground for the loggerhead sea turtle which is classified as an endangered species already. Building a high-rise here would have contributed to the gradual and maybe permanent extinction of the species.

With the resort now declared a protected area, you can be sure that your Very Cheap All Inclusive Dalyan holidays will take you to a place where the environment matters a lot. Sunbathing and swimming may be allowed at the Iztuzu Beach but watch out during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Dalyan holidays for the wooden stakes which serves as a warning that you are about to approach a nesting site. So be careful where you trod as you may already be stepping on a turtle egg.

But more than the beaches, you will discover that your Holidays to Dalyan will also take you to the ancient Lycian tombs that have been carved on the rocks. Take a short boat trip; you will be able to see the ruins in the ancient town of Kaunos. There are more exciting adventures that awaits you during your Holidays to Dalyan which will endear Dalyan to your heart forever.

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