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A low-key and laid-back destination awaits you during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Kadikalesi holidays. You will discover the stark contrast between quiet Kadikalesi and the livelier Turgutreis during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Kadikalesi holidays even of the two destinations are only four kilometres apart.

Hotels in Kadikalesi

Spending your Holidays to Kadikalesi would be like travelling to another place in time with is serene atmosphere. The virtually rural atmosphere in Kadikalesi, heightened by the presence of numerous citrus groves, has made it a top choice for people looking for some peace and quiet during their Holidays to Kadikalesi.

Expect your Very Cheap All Inclusive Kadikalesi to give you a taste of the authentic Turkish experience as you check out the ancient castle on the hill where the local judge used to live during the Ottoman era. You will discover during your Very Cheap All Inclusive Kadikalesi that it is actually this castle which gave Kadikalesi its name which is roughly translated as “judge’s castle”. While the castle is almost in ruins, it still poses an enthralling view and history.

A little exploration during your Holidays to Kadikalesi will take you to an old Greek Church which was built during the Roman era. The church has weathered its age and it still proudly displays the original engraving on top of the doorway. But more than the history and the magnificent ruins of years gone by, it is the location of the village by the beach that makes people want to go on Holidays to Kadikalesi abenefit from and abenefit from.

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