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Right from Bugibba to Salina Bay, on the north eastern coastline of Malta lies the beautiful Qawra. A hustling and bustling seaside resort, Qawra holidays have a chic feel to it. With such a serene and attractive landscape, All Inclusive holidays to Qawra are a treat to the eye. Rocky beaches, calm waters, palm-lined promenade and clear blue skies; that’s Qawra for you. There is never a boring or dull moment Holidaymakers in Qawra.

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Among the other plenty of activities on All Inclusive holidays to Qawra, there are a few activities which are definitely not to be missed such as going off for a swim in the calm inviting waters, enjoying the breathtaking marine life as you feel the tiny multicolored fish slithering through your fingers while Snorkelling. Qawra holidays are incomplete without catching up a great tan, lazing around on the beach. Look at the gorgeous coastline of Qawra which looks even more beautiful from the sky above while parasailing.

All Inclusive holidays to Qawra offer you plenty of day trips especially to St. Paul’s and Gozo. When it comes to nightlife, Qawra scores pretty well with its abundance of nightclubs, bars and discos. Seafood is the staple Maltese diet; you will find a large variety of seafood dishes in the many restaurants of the region. Those who want to spend some time away from the crowd can opt for the uninhabited north coast. Once inland, the 3000 old town of Mdina is good for exploring the culture and tradition of Malta.

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