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All Inclusive Watamu Holidays

On a tiny headland in between the stunning Watamu Bay and the sparkling Blue Lagoon lies Kenya’s Watamu beach resort. Watamu holidays are like paradise with coastal mangroves to the west, coral reefs to the east and magical beaches throughout the coast. Miles and miles of powdery sand gently lowering into the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean and the tall palm trees swaying smoothly with the breeze, isn’t it an enchanted setting? That is why All Inclusive holidays to Watamu are simply perfect.

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Indulge yourself in watersports and fun activities such Snorkelling, skiing, sailing and scubadiving on All Inclusive holidays to Watamu. Spend a day at the beach soaking in the sun or head for a trip to Gedi for some history. Spot elephants and buffaloes as you walk through the dense forests on Watamu holidays cheap. Do away with your fear, jump into the Indian Ocean and experience the colorful and bright underwater world of the extensive coarl reef or explore the underwater caves of the region.

And after a hectic day, grab a beach chair and watch the stunning view of the sun setting over the sparkling sea. Keep you r camers handy at all times on Watamu holidays so as to capture all the Kodak moments. Nightlife in Watamu has a relaxed feel with few good bars and discos to chill out at. Souvenir shopping isn’t very difficult on All Inclusive holidays to Watamu with local handicraft and souvenir stalls spread throughout the resort. Choose from a range of artworks, beadworks, wood carvings and batik sarongs to take back for your family and friends.

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