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A trek to the Baja California Desert during your 10 day holidays to Mexico would be one of the best ways of conquering Mexico. Be prepared for a really arid climate with some humidity when going on a desert adventure during your 10 day holidays to Mexico. In exchange for the sweat, you will get a good glimpse of the mountain ranges and endless kilometres of coastal dunes to keep you company while you hope for a mirage.

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Your Mexico 10 day holidays will next take you to the Pyramid of the Sun which is TeotihuacanÂ’s largest building. Just like in the computer game you were playing before you booked your Mexico 10 day holidays, you will find yourself along the Avenue of the Dead where you will be surrounded by the Ciudadela and the Pyramid of the Moon. You are in good company here as the Pyramid of the Sun is considered third largest, and in the league of the Great Pyramids of Cholula in Mexico and Giza in Egypt. The name itself was given by the Aztecs centuries ago.

And while on your 10 day holidays to Mexico it would be ideal to take a side trip at the Pyramid of the Moon which is next to the Pyramid of the Sun when it comes to size and location. The glory lies in what is being covered by the Pyramid of the Moon, a very old structure that date back to a period even before 200 AD, long before the Pyramid of the Moon was even built. Your 10 day holidays to Mexico will take you to this platform dedicated to the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan where the natives used to conduct ceremonies. Completing the attraction would be the Plaza of the Moon where you will find the Teotihuacan Cross.

The pre-Columbian archaeological site called Chichen Itza will be a great Mexico 10 day holidays destination as it is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. If your Mexico 10 day holidays is intended to view the different architectural styles in the country then the site is a great place to visit as it features a multitude of styles including the architecture of the Puuc Maya and the more modern Mexicanized style.

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