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The numerous defensive structures in Malta earned for your 10 day holidays to Malta the tag Fortress Island. This should give you a hint of the fascinating wartime past of the island and the heroism and chivalry that went into it. Remnants of war are evident during a 10 day holidays to Malta starting from the De Redin Coastal Towers which amazingly took 60 years to build. The towers are a fine example of the two coastal defence strategy concepts.

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Try the Santa Marija Tower for your Malta 10 day holidays which served as a defence communication facility between Mdina and Gozo. Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt financed the building of the Tower in 1618. Loose stones were used to create the thick rubble wall that surrounded the tower which was thick enough at six metres. You will find during your Malta 10 day holidays that the Tower was at one point used as an animal stable.

Your 10 day holidays to Malta would lead you to Fort St. Elmo which guarded the Grand and Marsamxett Harbour approaches in 1565. The Fort proved to be a worthy defence structure as it managed to repel Ottoman attacks during the Great Siege. You will discover during your 10 day holidays to Malta that the Fort was rebuilt by the victorious Knights after the Siege and was further fortified. Fort St. Elmo proved useful during World War II and its reputation as a strong defence made it a target of the Italian airmen when the war started in 1940.

The Notre Dame Gate is an exciting Malta 10 day holidays destination as it is part of the seven gates originally built in 1670 by the Grand Master Fra. Nicola Cotoner. You will see during your Malta 10 day holidays that the gate has three gateways including two small gateways for pedestrians and one gateway for vehicles. This is clearly an impressive building with a Baroque architecture style.

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