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Expect your 10 day holidays to Egypt to be days of cultural visits and awareness. Your first stop would be Bibliotheca Alexandrina or the Library of Alexandria, which commemorates the actual library, which had been lost in the course of history. However, the new library sits close to previous location of the ancient library. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was one of those who supported the concept of rekindling the region’s culture and scientific excellence through the construction of the library, the design of which was chosen from a UNESCO-organized competition in 1988. The million pound complex would be worthy of visit during your 10 day holidays to Egypt. It has some 500,000 books donation from France making one of the top Francophone libraries in the world. The library is vast, with an eight million shelf-space for books.

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Make your Egypt 10 day holidays to more exciting by visiting the 4th-century Hanging Church, one of Egypt’s oldest churches. The church was called as such because of its location, as you will find it hanging or suspended above the Babylon Fortress’ gatehouse. You have to pass by 29 steps to get to the church. You will discover during your Egypt 10 day holidays to that the elevated position of the church is no longer as visible since most of the Roman tower has been buried in the ground due to the almost 6-metre rise in the land surface. The interior of the Hanging Church brings as much excitement as it exterior as you will revel on the 110 icons found inside. Most of these icons are from the 18th century but the oldest dates back to the 8th century.

The Suez Canal Bridge, which crosses the Suez Canal along El Qantara and connects the Asian and African continents, is another exciting 10 day holidays to Egypt destination. It is also known as the Egyptian-Japanese Friendship Bridge as its construction was completed with financial support amounting to 13.5 billion yen from the Japanese government. The 3.9-kilometre long bridge has a 70 metre clearance over the canal, two 1.8 kilometre long approach spans and 1,300 feet cable stayed main span. What will get your attention during your 10 day holidays to Egypt are the Pharaonic obelisks-shaped towers. Only ships with a maximum height of 68 metres can pass through the Suez Canal.

The athletic in you will be born abenefit from during your Egypt 10 day holidays to visit to the Cairo International Stadium. The Olympic-standard stadium is the second largest in the Arab World, with a seating capacity of 75,000. The Stadium now boasts of having 21st century world standards after a major renovation in 2005. Football is one of the top sports in Egypt and this is evident with the glory of the Cairo Stadium, which has hosted all of the significant Egyptian football matches. The Stadium made history when it packed 120,000 people inside during the 1986 Africa Cup of nations. The stadium is expected to be the Egypt 10 day holidays to destination of most people a few years from now if it wins its bid to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

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