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Aberdeen Airport is located in Scotland and is considered to be Scotland’s fastest growing airport. Currently they serve in excess of three million passengers each year and they offer flights to over 35 destinations for holidays from Aberdeen. In addition to commercial airlines, they also have a large commercial helicopter flight service as well.

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Before going on holidays from Aberdeen airport you should take advantage of one of their best kept secrets. They offer a program called Shop and Collect which is a free service to their passengers that are traveling within Europe. This is a service which allows you to leave your shopping items with the airport and pick them up when you return. This allows you to go on holidays from Aberdeen without all of the hassle to trying to carry all of those unnecessary bags. When you return to the airport you can collect your bags at the Shopping Collection desk where you will find they have been kept safe and sound.

You will find several shops before going on holidays from Aberdeen airport which carry all of the items you will need to purchase while on your trip. You will find shops that offer Scottish paintings, specialty coffee, technology items, food snacks, and even a pub where you can relax and enjoy a brew.

While at the airport you can pick up coupons that will give you percentages off of items you might buy on you holidays from Aberdeen. Some of these coupons will allow you to purchase items tax free and others will allow you up to 40% off the normal price.

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